Architects of Complex Litigation
We architect some of the largest litigations on Earth. We believe that all large-scale litigation is a team effort, and we have orchestrated some of the most complex litigation in history.

What We Do

We don’t just handle big lawsuits;
we master them.

We bring together the core elements of mass litigation: defending clients, appealing unfavorable rulings, negotiating to reach resolution, and doing the complex work of litigation.

With the necessary financial resources, staffing, and technology capabilities to orchestrate large litigation cases, we invest our time and resources in every aspect of the litigation process, from research and discovery to trial and appeal.

Our firm has the funds, the staff, and the tech to tackle every challenge along the way, from digging up evidence to persuading judges and juries.

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Headquartered in
Washington DC

Our home is in the nation’s capital by design. We believe there is no better place to work than the Capital, where we can lobby and fight for change, collaborate with the government, and influence policy decisions that affect our industry and society.

As a leading organization in our field, we have a responsibility to advocate for the best interests of our members, partners, and stakeholders. We leverage our expertise, network, and reputation to shape the future of our sector and contribute to the public good.

Being in the Capital allows us to access the most relevant information, resources, and opportunities to fulfill our mission and vision.